Pasta and chickpeas

This dish is prepared with wild fennel harvested during walks in the countryside ( the best time is February/March) but you can also freeze it and have it available all year round.

Chickpeas represent a staple of Sicilian cuisine , basis think of panelle made with chickpea flour, on the other hand they are nutritionally excellent legumes rich in vegetable protein and iron.

For 4 people serve:

gr.400 of chickpeas

a bunch of wild fennel

garlic ( one clove)

1 onion

Zichichi evo oil, salt and pepper.

Allow the chickpeas to soak in plenty of water the night before ( the dried ones but canned ones can also be used). In the morning, drain them and sauté them in a pot in which you have sautéed a diced onion and a poached garlic clove (which you will remove later) with 2 /3 tablespoons of evo oil.

Add water and salt to taste, cup them and let them soboil over moderate heat.

When they are cooked remove 2 ladles and whisk them, put them back in the pot add the washed and cut fennel small let it come back to a boil.

In the tradition of my house at this point, a noodle made only of flour and water cut small called ” tagliarina” was added, which would cook in no time.

Turning off the heat adds raw oil and a good sprinkling of pepper . And ……good appetite.

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