Octopus salad

Octopus salad is a very appetizing and fresh appetizer but can also be served for a light dinner as a main dish, especially in summer

The most important things are two: that the octopus is fresh and that it is cooked well ( it should not skin).

To get a softer octopus you can keep 12/24 in the freezer ( maturing)this will break down the fibers and it will be more tender.

Serves 4:

an octopus of about 1 kg

carrots celery fresh spring onion

salt pepper olive oil Zichichi

After thawing the octopus drop it into a large pot of boiling water 3 times holding it by the head so the tentacles curl up then cook for at least 30 min, turn off the heat and leave in the pot for about 20 min more.

Meanwhile clean , Wash and slice vegetables season them with evo oil salt pepper and a little vinegar in a bowl.

After 20 min drain the octopus cut the tentacles into cubes, clean the head by removing the black and the central tooth and cut it into cubes as well.

Combine the octopus with the vegetables and let rest in the refrigerator or at room temperature pe 2/3 hours.

E……. enjoy your meal

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