Larded mackerel

Lardized mackerel is a delicacy that was reserved for outdoor lunches on holidays such as April 25 or May Day when it was traditional to eat in the country and cook on the grill.

A simple but tasty recipe , the only difficulty is grilling.

Mackerel is an inexpensive but nutritionally excellent oily fish high in essential fatty acids.

For 4 people serve:

4 very fresh mackerel

About ten red tomatoes ( from us the pizzutello but the pachino is also good but it is a bit sweet)

2 cloves of garlic oregano olive oil salt and pepper

Clean the mackerel from the guts and make 2 oblique cuts on the back to allow the sauce ( ammogghio) to penetrate well.

Salt them and let them drain a little,meanwhile prepare the grill( of course you can also use a more modern barbeque or rotisserie but they will not taste the same )

Lay the mackerel on the grill and let them simmer so that they are not scorched on the outside and raw on the inside.

Meanwhile prepare the salmoriglio or ammoghhio , crush the garlic cloves in a mortar with salt you will get a sauce , wash and peel the tomatoes cut them into chunks and add to the mortar, stir so that it mixes with the garlic and add salt pepper oregano and evo oil.

With a brush or a sprig of rosemary( my father used 2/3 sprigs of oregano) brush the mackerel still cooking with the brine, until cooked through. E…… enjoy your meal

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