Bread “Cunsato”

The” pane cunsatu ” is a typical preparation of the Trapani area.In my house it was prepared with bread that was still warm just out of the oven.

For 4 people serve:

gr 500 of bread (loaf)

4/5 anchovies or sardines desalted and deboned

4/5 nearly ripe tomatoes ( san marzano or romano is best)


Zichichi Olive Oil

Primo sale (fresh pecorino cheese)

This is done as follows: cut the loaf of bread lengthwise as if it were a sandwich and make oblique grooves with the knife in the crumb so that the bread can be committed to oil. Then drizzle with plenty of evo oil and mash the two parts of the bread together.

At this point shred the anchovies or sardines and arrange them on the two halves of the bread , slice the tomatoes and arrange them on the bottom half, season with salt and oregano and more oil.

This is the basic recipe but to this you can add slices thin first salt or a handful of desalted capers, tuna, and whatever the imagination suggests. And ……… enjoy your meal.

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